Basstion Podcast

reveal - hide you

this one is downtempo. i loved the vocal so i used it to make kind of a remix…
this tune is exclusively in the basstion-podcast you want find it on the basstion webside.

thanxz to kosheen for not causing any trouble – hopefully ;)

the guitars are played by leon. the rest, except vocals, is made by reveal.

Listen now! (7:18min / 8.3MB)

reveal - through kongo

this is my latest track for the moment. and it is also the last i did with cubase so far.
at the moment i’m working on a few tracks, getting into logic…
not too easy ;)


all rights by reveal

Listen now! (6:31min / 7.5MB)

reveal - i want love (a.u.d.e. edit)

Another track from 2000. Drum & Bass this time!
I reworked the track in 2004 to make it a bit more gentle.

copyright by reveal

Listen now! (6:28min / 7MB)

reveal - fly by wire (feat. Leon)

A smooth downtempo track from the year 2000.
Guitars by my friend “the mighty Leon V”.

copyright by reveal

Listen now! (6:25min / 7MB)